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Thread: Anyone got a recipe for whats in this ammunition.

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    Anyone got a recipe for whats in this ammunition.

    Fedral premium 70gn nosler ballistic tip,what powder do they use.

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    you will never get to know whats in factory ammo but Vit 140 will do the job just fine

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    Powder specially blended for Federal by one of the big powder companies and not generally available to the public but various people have had a guess at who actually supplies it.
    It might help a bit if you stated the cartridge that you are talking about.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Agreed. Most powders for commercial ammo is a non-canister ammo that is specifically designed to give the desired performance for the cartridge in question. (There are exceptions to this, but seldom. The 6.5 Creedmore is one that they do use canister powder for) It can be dangerous to second guess the powders used and moreover, if you like how this one factory ammo works in your gun you need to realize that the powder is only one factor. You'd need to FL resize, seat to SAAMI spec, and maybe even crimp to finish the duplication process. Few reloaders will push themselves to that extreme.~Muir

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    Ahh sorry for that 8 x 57 its a 243 ,ime newish to reloading and things are going slow but good,i was reading a old post about some ammunition thats not made any more and a few people just came up with the same recipe for that load and ammunition for the guy who asked so i thought ide ask the same question for this,no matter whats been through the gun this factory ammo will group 1" ish at 100yds all day but its very expensive pushing 40 for 20 and my rfd will get it but wants me to order 200 rnds min,ile probably stick to my own reloading data for now but when ive shot this box of factory i wont be buying any more so i was going to have ago at duplicating some if it was easy enough cheers all.

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    In my 243 I use 38.6gr Viht N140 with my 70gr Sierra Blitzkings and they are accurate enough and even better when I give the barrel a good clean lol!

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