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Thread: Needing a new scope

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    Needing a new scope

    Hi all
    i am looking for a new scope for the .243. I have a bushnell 5-15x40.
    I am wanting something better in low light.
    I am doing a lot of lamping and sitting out early and late.
    Needs to be light for the hill reds.
    What do people think.
    And if any one is want a good bushnell scope let me know.
    But wont sell until I get a new one.

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    If I were you I would stick with the magnification range that you have or something very close but increase the objective size to 50mm or 56mm and step up the quality if you can. If you can stretch to it I would go to illuminated reticle too. Swarovski Z6i 2.5-15 or 3-18 would be what I would go for. It will hurt in the wallet at the time but you will always know that you have the best and it will retain its value very well.

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    Just re-read your post. If the weight is an issue look at the Z6i 2.5-15x44, I have one of these, the quality of the optics make up for the slightly smaller objective.

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    I have just bought a Meopta 6 x 24 x56 and the other rifles i have all have big zeiss this was a lot cheaper and i cannot fault the glass i have compared it against a big zeiss and you cannot tell the difference and cost was not an issue

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    swillington shooting supplies are doing the 5-15x56 minox ze5 illuminated 30mm tube at 895. had a look at one a few weeks ago and i'm very impressed! if I was working i'd had bought one by now without a doubt!!!!!!!!!!

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    10 x 42 Schmidt and bender is the scope for you

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    3-9x36 zeiss diavari

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    If you go with S&B, Swarovski or Zeiss you will not be disappointed ...... And they hold their value.

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    if you want a big swarovski, not to heavy on the rifle or on your wallet.superb glass and in top condition too.

    i know where a pv-s 6-24x50 tds ret is for good money.

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    zeiss duralyt 3-12x50 IR ,, Great scope in low light, Countryman of Derby are doing them for 799 I think..

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