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Thread: carcasses with keds and or ticks

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    carcasses with keds and or ticks

    This might be more of a disease issue, but I was wondering how everyone out there deals with a carcass that comes in with a few keds and or ticks. On the carcasses I have home processed( I still have a non-heated but enclosed outdoor space that is all sanitary etc.) I had not had much if anything on the deer I processed, but this last one had keds and ticks. The carcass was in good condition, and the animal did not look stressed otherwise. I learned very quickly the importance of aprons and tight fitting clean clothing! No wooly jumpers either! Both keds and ticks seem to be quite resilient and do not die so easily. All I could do was keep mopping down the floor to make sure they did not spread with water only as no strong disinfectant could be used. Once the hide was off then they could be isolated. Is there any method for killing them on the carcass that does not contaminate the meat, or do you just have to get the hide off, strip down and shower up and hope for the best? Of course too this might be important if there are other carcasses in the larder. Please advise.

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    Just hang it and let them drop off onto a sheet or something below.
    If you hang for long enough the majority will drop off as they have no blood to feed on.
    If you hang over a tray of water, make sure your deer are held tight so they don't drop in and spoil.

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    Like david says then remove the deer and clean floor with strong bleach

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    Keds are not a disease risk. Ticks might be as there is an increased risk of disease transmission with a partly full tick taking another meal

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    Yeah okay, a tray with a little water(or just a tray underneath) is a good idea to trap and contain them, one tick has managed to crawl about 2 metres away by the time I spotted him. But anything else is not correct for the prep of meat conditions. Thanks

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    In a chiller environment the Keds usually make their way up the carcass towards the gambrel and can be picked off and popped,but ticks aren't quite so obliging and you have to be very observant and pick them off yourself as they get on,so rolled up shirt sleeves and be vigilant cos they do have a knack of moving along unnoticed.The ticks you can see on the carcass aren't the ones to worry about,it's the very very small 6 legged larva and the 8 legged nymph you need to be aware of.

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    Get the hover out with the curtain attachment on

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    Wrap your carcass in butchers muslin sleave and when they drop off they are trapped in the sleave when you come to skin the deer remove muslin with ticks and keds and put in bucket of water for 48 hours job done.


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    Good ideas, should have thought of that. Thanks!

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