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Thread: two for my efforts

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    two for my efforts

    hi all
    well its been a bit of a busy weekend with me it started of early Saturday morning at 5 o'clock heading out in pursue of a roe doe but after 5 hours of mooching the fields i called it a day with a big fat zero to show for it never mind i thought it was a nice crisp morning that was dry so cant complain so home i went...

    i was only home half an hour wen the phone rang it was a friend asking me to pop out with the shot guns and the 270's . so a quick bacon butty down and i was back out to play.. the rain soon came and washed away any hope for a lamping session Saturday night so it was a night in with a film...

    Sunday was my daughters birthday so most of the day we where out with her new trike and trailer the weather was gorgeous and the fields where calling.. i decided to go and try my luck for a doe again....

    i got there for around 2.00pm with the sun beaming like a summers day i had good hopes that deer would show out in the sun.

    i was not long before my thoughts came true a nice solid munty appeared to my right a good distance away 200 yards . i lay down with gun on the pod and watched him making his way to the cover i decided to take him as he reached a bit of a bank so the round would be grounded.. a minuet passed and i and the munjac where in good positions i made a bark and he paused ......down he went ..

    as i had only just got there i thought a quick gralloch and get back into position.. on inspection i found a perfect heart shot i was very chuffed with him a all round lovely buck and a tex book shot..

    image hosting

    as it was still early i got back to my spot (my muddy dent in the ground) and sat a further hour or so..

    i was watching the wild life in the binos move a round the field and as i followed the cover line i spotted two roe both does..i slowly sank down to the ground and got the rifle steady on one of the two deer .. i once again took my time and waited for the perfect broadside shot.. the doe that i had chosen was the more fuller bodied out the two. she presented a shot and i took it once again a good distance..

    this time the shot did not look good there was no falling, kicking out, jumps none of the normal sights of a hit she turned and trotted to her follower and they both ran to the cover . i feared i had mist and the shot had passed.. as a safety i thought i would take a walk and check anyway.... as soon as i got near to the strike place it was obvious she had taken a direct hit to the vitals as there was good think pink froffy blood everywhere.

    i followed the blood to the cover and found her 15 yards in i was over the moon two shots two deer both well hit and both in fine condition..

    upload pictures online

    tomorrow i will be busy once again with the butchery job ahead of me...

    many thanks andy...

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    I will get the ball rolling Andy, again nice pictures and a write up to suit....
    Well done..

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    good write and good photos too, well done
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    thanks chaps..

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    Well done, Waidmannsheil!
    Always good to make a proper shot place inspection... The result was laying dead next to it, great Job!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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