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Thread: Plans for a moderator?

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    Plans for a moderator?

    Has anybody on the SD made their own moderator? If so , would you willing to PM me the plans please as I have a friend who is looking to make their own.

    Many thanks

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    You mean drawings. Yes I've designed and built several sound moderators in stainless and titanium. I am not sharing my drawings for numerous reasons. My suggestion would be to join the 'silencertalk' forum in USA. Look in silencer smithing section. Threads on there will answer many questions about wall thicknesses, pressures for barrel length, calibres etc etc, there is quite a bit to know.

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    It is not for me as I have no interest in making one nor do I have the engineering background, skill or tools to make one. I am asking on behalf a of friend who is looking to make one.

    Thank you anyway

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    Silencer talk will scare you good n proper - an incredible amount of poo talked there! There was a thread here showing a moderator that I built for my 444.

    No dimensions but will give an idea of what is involved (only because I couldn't be arsed)


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