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    Trail Camera

    I'm in the market for a new trail camera. Needs to have good video and camera day and night. And is going to see some heavy/rough use. Preferably with an on board colour LCD

    Any suggestions?

    Does anyone use a Minox DTC600 ?



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    I use several, but best VFM is the Little Acorn IMO

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    I have had great results with the bushnell trophy cam hd so far they have proved very reliable, and the photo and video are fantastic I posted a few vids in the video section go watch them so you can judge for yourself.

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    Trail Cam

    Little Acorn gets my vote too. I had one in constant use for about two years before it died. Got some fascinating results and I learnt alot about muntjac territory/home range by carefully moving it.

    I got a bit addicted to it at one stage and was getting more enjoyment out of setting and checking the camera than stalking!

    If you haven't used one before give me a shout and I'll pass on a few tips for getting the best results. I think I have changed my phone since we last spoke, new number is 07920 452448. Glyn

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    Have a look at this one

    The Night Stalker.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    While accepting that in general it is wise to spent more to buy quality, you also have to consider the fact that Trail Cams may get stolen, so from that point of view if you invest 200+ in a Cam it really hurts if you loose one.
    For that reason I use the Swan Outback Cam which at around 80 online does a perfectly acceptable job, I have two and some change from 200 and they haven't been stolen. Yet.
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    My experience is that about the most important feature of a camera, unless you are going to put down feeding as bait, is trigger speed. I have a Bushnell which has a very fast trigger and even with that I sometimes only get to see the back end of a deer as it vanishes from view. I think only Reconyx is faster and as mentioned that is an awful lot of cash to tie to a tree.

    There certainly were some really good deals around on the 2012 Bushnell cameras which was the first year they had a really fast trigger and after running mine for 18 months now all I can say is that I certainly wouldn't go to a camera with a slower trigger.

    Trail cameras are relatively cheap electronics in a plastic box so when left outdoors all year round they are prone to fail over time. Check out the US chasing game website for info as these people take trail cameras to a whole different level, but you can also get answers to most questions:

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    Ive messed around with a few trail cameras. The best I've used, by far, is the Bushnell model 119405. It has every feature I need and the batteries last for a long time (AA's as opposed to the other ones which used 6v batteries which in the cold could only last a week). I left it out for about 9 months once (actually thinking that it would have been stolen or in the least the battery flat) and it was still taking photos… cant get much better than that!

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