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Thread: Remington Model 7 in 22-250

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    Remington Model 7 in 22-250


    Anyone got a new Remington Model 7 in 22-250? Could do with some reviews good, bad etc


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    I had a model 7 predator in .204 Ruger, it would hold tight groups with home loads but suffered point of aim shift depending on the pressure on the fore end, when used with a bipod. It became frustrating and I sold it. The stock was one of Remington's cheap plastic ones. It might not be a problem with the laminated stocks or composite stocks with integral aluminium bedding block.

    If you considering aftermarket accessories the model 700 would be a better choice.

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    Its for my son, it has a wooden stock, he wants it because it has a wooden stock and black bit at the end of the stock, the style he likes. I have never heard of the model 7, know plenty about the 700's.
    The shop want 500 and the rifle is new, what worries me is this is just over half the price of the same rifle in other shops. My son says bargin but alarm bells ring for me.
    Need to find out as much as I can before I do 4 hour round trip to shop.


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    Having also owned a 700 in .308 I can say there was no difference in terms of quality or construction. I believe the 7 is just a shorter version of the 700 action, but others may know better.

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    Not a fan of the modern Remington's, however there seems to be some very good deals at the moment. Grandson has just bought a 700 sps in .243 synthetic, blued, screw cut, thread protector, studs for sling swivels fitted, Bushnell 3-9x40 scope and rings (crap scope) assembled and bore sighted all brand new in the box for 465 including RFD to RFD transfer fees Plus they discounted a Harris 9.5 to 13.,5 inch swivel bipod by 20 to sweeten the deal. Shoots perfect three shots producing a ragged hole in the target at 100 yards Even allowing for Remington's failings its got to be good value at that price.
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    Ive the model 7 in 243. Its never missed a beat, groups well with 100g PPU ammo, purchased second hand, Id buy one again.

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    Did you have it screw cut? If so what thread please.


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    It would seem that the inflated prices of the Remingtons was all down to the importers. Now they no longer have the job the prices have come down drastically.

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    No I got mine 2nd hand, came screw cut....Its got a T8 on it dont know on thread Ill look in morning see if i can work it out

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    I too have a model 7 stainless synthetic in 243 but have fitted a Boyds thumbhole stock have had it for 6-7 years and mine has never missed a beat either.Shoots privi 100gns and the 90gns to under an inch.I bought mine in Walmart for about 300 and had it screwcut 1/2 UNF

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