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Thread: Terrible shot placement on muntjac buck

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    Terrible shot placement on muntjac buck

    Was out on a shoot the weekend great weekend but sadly I pulled a shot on a muntjac buck it hit far back more like a gut shot witch I can only imagine the poor animal suffering this is the first time I've done this and hopefully the last upon reaching the shot site there was no quarry after much looking around the area I found the splines but still no animal a small walk down a ditch I can across the very angry muntjac buck with a nasty hole upon moving back to a safe distance to discharge another shot with .308 to put him out of his misery a terrible guilt came over me that this animal had not had the best end too his life laying in bed that evening I seriously contemplated finishing stalking because of the guilt has anyone else had this problem and how is the best way to despatch injured quarry with a rifle if you don't have a dispatch side arm all help on this would be great thanks fellas

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    you will be saying a prayer next mate,listen we all have made a cock up once it happens when you are taking the life of an animal,no one is perfect.
    judging by your post killing deer aint for you.
    but to answer your question,NO Ive never felt guilty of pulling a shot,Ive felt pissed off and disappointed with myself but never guilty.
    you found the animal and finished the job now get over it or take up knitting.

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    Harsh, but fair, see it shoot it! if you shoot enough, sooner or later, you will balls it up, anyone that claims different is probably talking nonsense or hasn't shot enough. We all make mistakes, at least you clearly care about it enough for it to matter. Chalk it up to experience and move on, perhaps on a target to get your confidence up..?
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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    Harsh, but fair, see it shoot it! if you shoot enough, sooner or later, you will balls it up, anyone that claims different is probably talking nonsense or hasn't shot enough. We all make mistakes, at least you clearly care about it enough for it to matter. Chalk it up to experience and move on, perhaps on a target to get your confidence up..?
    thank you,its no good blowing smoke up some ones ass,sometimes the harsh truth needs to be said.

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    dont beat yourself up to much. it happens and the fact you searched and completed the job is as much as you could have done.

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    Well mate now you know why most deer stalkers have a dog that way suffering is kept to a minimum. We all try and place the bullet perfect but we are not on a range and sh it happens . You will do it again if you shoot deer again so if you are not ready for it forget it. But i do like people that feel some guilt but not enough to make me feel like wrapping it in.

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    As above it happens you don't want it to but it does if you didn't feel bad about it you wouldn't be much of a stalker .
    keep calm and carry on

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    firstly, thank god you feel so guilty about it, it means you are actually an ethical hunter and not someone who just goes out to shoot deer at whatever range is convenient 'for them' or for their ego.

    trust me, I've felt guilty about not only gut shots, but also good shots. I don't quite stalking because of it, but what I 'do', is not go stalking just to shoot something. Now I go stalking because I either need to put food on the table, to help a farmer with a problem (very rarely), or in the majority, to try and work to a good cull plan that will leave a well balanced population. I particularly enjoy removing old deer that are weak and struggling, or deer that are ill and clearly going to die an uncomfortably death, as well as those with injuries from fences or RTA's, etc.

    should you feel bad about a gut shot, yes, should you stop stalking because of it no. it should help you identify the right reasons for stalking, which are as described above (at least in my book).

    most importantly, you have to be happy with yourself and be able to sleep at night. but whatever your decision is, consider how frightening and horrible the death of chickens and other livestock are that go through factories and slaughter houses..they would probably take a gut shot after a full life in the wild any day ;-) and unless you're a vegetarian, by not putting a piece of venison on the table, you're probably going to be putting factory chicken on the again, stalking 'can' equal saving a factory/farm animal in that you're not helping push up market demand

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    I've shot quite a few deer and this is my first I more struggled with the fact the animal suffered and with the fact howon earth are you supposed to despatch the animal safely when it's in a ditch and all you have is a rifle I take my sport seriously and understand not everything is to be shot this minty buck was a perfect cull animal and the shot was safe and perfectly acceptable

    I understand everyone pulls a **** this is my first in all of my stalking was after a little advice as this is what this forum is for not sure if taking up knitting is the answer but it's just a dark area for me on the safety of dispatching a animal with a rifle at close distance

    I did feel guily and I am pretty sure everyone feels guilt on seeing something suffer as none of us are here to shot things and watch them suffer there last few minutes I understand clean kills are always best but don't always happen

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    I did it a couple of years ago... I had a red spiker in my crosshairs and it took a step forward in the time it took the message from brain to reach trigger finger. I saw it's front leg move forward and rushed the shot which connected about 12" too far back. I saw the bullet strike through the scope, re-loaded and waited..... and waited..... and waited. But the deer just stood there breathing heavily. My mate had to finish it off with another shot thinking the rifle must be off zero, but it wasn't.
    I felt a bit **** afterwards but thankfully I was with another more experienced stalker. I learned from my mistake, I got over it pretty quickly and I'll not make the same mistake again.
    Anyone who's never f****d up a shot is lying IMO.
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