Nothing to do with stalking but i have a desk going free to a good home(or if i were to be really cheeky in exchange for some shooting - rabbit/pigeon/stalking ) .

Its in excellent condition, the only non-original part of the desk is the back of it. the surface and sides are in excellent condition. it has all the screws etc to put it together.

Its the sort you find in many office around the country, they are pretty expensive to buy new, no idea what they are like to sell on but i just need rid as we have no where to store it now we have converted the office into another room.

i have photos if you want but can't work out how to post them at the moment...i know something about a photobox site.....

Please PM me if your interested, its located about 7 miles south of winchester and will need to be collected.

Cheers and thanks for any interest[/img]