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Thread: Centre fire mentoring

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    Centre fire mentoring

    I've been thinking recently about getting a deer legal calibre rifle ( largest I have at the mo is .22-250. My licence is open at the mo but I'm wondering if anyone in Devon and Cornwall would know if they would put some kind of mentoring condition on a larger calibre?
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    not heard of mentoring being needed down here for anyone with open licence I reckon if you give good reason and you ground is passed for larger calibers you should be ok especially when you tell them that you are booking dsc1 and would be looking for paid stalking and would prefer to use a rifle owned by yourself rather than one provided by estate/stalker stick a variation in you will soon find out they are only taking about 10 to 14 days they seem to be on the ball at the moment good luck with it

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    Hi Neil,
    I have a mentoring condition on my .243 but I was a first time applicant, however they still let me have a .22 and .243. the FO was very nice and sensible in Plymouth.

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    Thanks for the replys, yes I e allways found d&c very good to be honest and they seem to have got on top of there backlog and are almost back to being as speedy as they were years ago. I've had an open licence for years and so I can see any reason why they would want to put any extra conditions on my licence but you never know!

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    As you have already proven you are safe with the 22-250, a high velocity deer legal calibre, it would look absurd for them to place a supervision condition within your certificate to possess and use a larger deer legal calibre in the interests of "safety". If the argument is that you do not have enough experience shooting deer, and that is why a supervision condition is required, that again is nothing to do with public safety. In effect they would be conditioning the quarry species on the grounds of animal welfare which is not within their remit. The ACPO FELWG steer and new guidance is quite clear on this and a supervision condition within the certificate should be considered where the only alternative is likely to be refusal on the grounds of public safety.
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    Well its a good job you don't live in A@s area because mentoring is a no no. They would not let my son put my.223 on his certificate and I have had an open cert for years.

    It about time BASC/SACS took all issuing authorities to task and get the same rules applied equally to all FAC holders in England.

    Its about tine they were clearly told their remitt is to uphold/apply the law not invent it to suit the whims of the CC.


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    A friend of mine who has held a FAC for years (22LR only) Was a range officer in the military has applied for a 223. D&C have asked for a mentor.

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    I had to have a Mentor with A/somerset for my 243

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    Quote Originally Posted by old keeper View Post
    A friend of mine who has held a FAC for years (22LR only) Was a range officer in the military has applied for a 223. D&C have asked for a mentor.
    that's possibly as he is going from rimfire to centerfire the op already has centerfire but with your friends experience it seems a bit silly that he should need a mentor

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    i had the same with a few of my rifles best thing is to do you the course 1 & 2 and you wont need to have some one watch you as rem if you buy the rifle and have restritions on your ticket you cant even go and scope the rifle up with out him..... yes i know if you have shooting insurence ring them as they will help also its just a big LOAD OF BULL ****


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