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Thread: Roe buck Stalk Dumfries region July 2014

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    Roe buck Stalk Dumfries region July 2014

    Hi all,

    I am keen to get in contact with anyone (or knows anyone) who would be prepared to take out a responsible fellow stalker on roe deer around the first week of July 2014, for a day when I go to Dumfries, Scotland.

    I am prepared to pay (naturally) or if it suits arrange a reciprocal hunt at a later date (on rusa, sambar, or if they wish: wild goats, boar & foxes) if they are looking at coming to Australia.

    I have emailed a couple of outfitters from the region, however they appear to be disinterested (maybe because it's only for day and not lucrative enough).


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    Have you tried Solway Stalker on here?

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    +1 for Colin (solway stalker)

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    More than happy to arrange stalking , let me know dates you want

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    He's awfull I only shot 3 roe and a goat first time out with Colin
    hope yr well col

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    Thanks Colin, I sent you a PM regarding the inform you request. I take it that it I didn't do that correctly and as such you didn't receive it?

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    Colin is a very busy man but I'm sure he'll be back to you soon. One of the best is Colin.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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