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Thread: Weimeraner pup

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    Weimeraner pup

    Well we had confirmation that our weimaraner bitch is in welp.
    The pups should be due in december, so if anyone is intrested please feel free to contact me
    thanks Danny

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    Top dogs mate, I have a 7 1/2 year old dog & a 6 year old bitch, they work their guts out on all quarry. I'm sure you'll have a queue waiting to purchase the pups.
    Just out of interest are you having the tails docked?

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    Yes we have had the breed for 20 years and we dock every time.
    alot of our pups go to Scotland.
    i work 3 of ours now. And they are great at picking up besting and stalking.
    I love the breed and will always have them

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    I love to see them working. They have a look about them that's unique. Unfortunately the badly behaved ones are so noticeable on a shoot - usually because they are more intelligent than their owners, pissed off and bored!

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