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Thread: Your thoughts please.

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    Your thoughts please.

    Just a thought, I have a zeiss 6-24x56 FL with ASV and rapid 7 crosshairs IR.
    Its been on my 7mm rem mag for some time and only gets used abroad or for a long range fox. Since I have had my 22250 rebarreled, it has now become my long range rifle and performs as well as the rem mag and this wears the same scope. I have a 3-12x56 varipoint on my HMR and I think it would be better suited now on the rem mag for the driven hunts as it goes down to x3 and has just a red dot. Can I really mount the big zeiss on my rimmie or shall I sell it and put a smaller zeiss on the Anschutz? Ideas, suggestions or offers, please.

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    On the basis that your rimfire scope is probably spends most of its time at around 8 or 10 power, why not. 24x might be useful when shooting really small targets. Selling your big scope and changing for smaller one will almost certainly loose you money. What will you loose from giving it a try?

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    I have better quality scopes on my 17 & 223 @ 500+, than the deer calibre rifles I have, as I use the smaller cals more. 2 shots max on the 6.5/7.62, as 6-8 mag is sufficient for me, with a budget simmons

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    Do you find 6x gives enough FOV on the HMR (try with the current scope)? If so, I'd say go for it.

    6-24x has parallax adjustment (?) so it would actually suit better on rimfire than 3-12x. Higher mags would be useful on shorter distances like 50m, since the image is not distorted.

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    I had the same scope up for sale a while back and decided that it was rimfire bound if I didnt get what I wanted for it. Fortunately I did and my foxing rig will wear a Zeiss HT 3-12x56

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    depends if your rimfire is a day time tool or a night time tool predominantly
    I had 6-20x on my rimfire for a while

    fine when out during the day
    wasted for dusk or lamping

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    I had a 3-12 on my 7mm Rm and wanted more mag on a few occasions. I went to a 5.5-22 for a while which was ok but now have a schmidt 4-16 which in my opinion is absolutely perfect for the 7mm. Sorry that may not help one bit !!

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    Im in a similar position at the moment, I have a "spare" 6-24x56 victory with mil dot ret that I'm thinking of either getting rid of and using the money for a nv setup or sticking it on my anschutz rimfire, the only thing putting me off slightly is the extra weight on top of what is quite a nice lightweight gun. I guess there is only one way to find out.

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    I have a 3-16x56 olg AGS on my HMR which i use at full mag a lot of the time. It is set up for nv use predominantly and I am trying to head shoot at 100 yards plus so the bigger the head is the better and as I do it off sticks I want the image as large and clear as possible. There is no hurry to shoot as they can't see me. Yeehar.
    So more mag works for me.
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    If you have it why not try it? If it doesn't work then change it....

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