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Thread: Hi to all

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    Hi to all

    Evening all, I'm new to the forum and still fairly new to stalking, started over a year ago by sitting a dsc1 and now looking for information and stalking in building up for the dsc2, currently living in kent and shooting a 243. I'm always on the look out for any vermin shooting and I game keep a small closed syndicate for pheasants throughout the year.
    id like to thank you all for the posts I've already browsed though the information on the site has always been useful.

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    Welcome Stonemonkey! Whereabouts in Kent are you based? I'm a member of the Kent Wildfowlers and am heading off there on Saturday to start my shooting season, albeit a bit late. I also started by taking DSC1, also in Kent.

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    I'm based in the Medway towns, good luck with the the wild-fowling at the weekend the weather down here has been wet so the marshes should be fun, everything this year has been coming in late our birds are still eating berries in all the wrong areas.

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    Welcome to the site,

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