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Thread: Observation only of a stalk

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    Observation only of a stalk

    Hi folks,

    If I'm out of line asking then somebody feel free to tell me, but I was wondering if anybody would be gracious enough to let me 'tag along' on a stalk with them to see what's what and how things are done. I understand that obviously nobody wants a total liability out with them ruining their day (my father and I once took a family friend fly fishing with awful results, God forbid there'd been firearms involved!) Fortunately I can stand still, shut up, watch, learn, and do as I'm told without complaining or causing trouble. Not knowing anybody who's into stalking already I don't know of a better way to gain experience prior to doing DSC1 or whatever I need to do to progress. I don't really have the funds to throw at guided days, courses, etc, etc if I can avoid it at least until I understand a little more and know it's something I want to pursue.
    Am I completely barking up the wrong tree?
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for somebody to take me out for a days free stalking or give me some kind of apprenticeship, just if somebody would be kind enough to have an observer for a day and maybe explain a bit about what, why and how they're doing. I don't expect a free lesson/a go with your rifle/permission on your ground or anything daft like that. I know also that this isn't the type of hobby I can take up overnight just because I fancy a go, so don't think I'm following a whim looking for an easy way in. My problem is at the moment I have no ways in, easy or hard.
    Of course I don't expect a free lunch, so if there's anything I could do for anyone in return I'd be more than happy. Within reason
    I don't mean to sound cheeky, nobody likes a scrounger and I have no answer to the question if any of you ask "Why should I?" (unless you believe in Karma ) but still, you get nothing if you don't ask, so here I am asking!
    Any responses appreciated, even those of the 'get lost you young scrote, that's ridiculous!' variety. At least then I'll know!
    Thanks all

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    I did the same thing a couple if years ago, by PMing someone on SD. I was very fortunate to be offered a shadow stalk. There are some really good people on here and very generous. It might be worth looking for some accompanied stalking, there are a few people in the Midlands who do it.
    Good luck

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    Herefordshire, Hampshire or Essex

    The Midlands is a big area - can you be a bit more specific please and you might get a more targeted response.
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    I near Sutton Coldfield, north of Brum. Not averse to travelling a bit if needs be. Dom (or anyone) can you recommend anybody specific who offers accompanied stalking within a reasonable distance and price?

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