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    Hi guys ..I habe been asked to recommend a range finder by my friends partner so figured it was best to get opinions off here ....budget is around 200 quid upto a max of 250 ....any help greatly appreciated thanks

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    Hawke have brought out quite a nice RF the LRF 900. Costs about 180. You can Google it, I think it comes from Deben

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    Hi James,

    You can get a Bushnell Yardage Pro for around 250 Maybe you can find the unit at a better price if you shop around.

    My first rangefinder was a Bushnell Yardage Pro (back in 2004) and I was very happy with it. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, although I haven't tried any of their recent models.


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    had a bushnell a few years ago. not a patch on the leica i'm affraid to say.
    Zeiss do a nice one for around 300 i think..

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    Looking for something with a maximum of 250 though and leica is well over that and sonis the zeiss ! Thanks for the replies

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    James. I have an excellent second hand Leica that I bought from an SD member for 270. Keep an eye open for second hand top brands on here as several members have been selling them to upgrade to range finder binoculars.

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    She isnt happy buying second hand as a pressie tbh ...had a leupold rx 600 recommended aswell as bushnell yardage pro ...anyone any firat hand reviews ?

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    bushnell yardage pro is a very good unit...i would defo recommend it.

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    The yardage pro will range trees and good big solid object just fine. However, if you want to range the actual deer you will find it limited at anything above normal shooting ranges. Once I bought a Leupold the bushnell got chucked in a drawer awaiting my son getting started on air rifles. I wouldn't sell it as I know that the new owner would not be happy with his purchase and that would reflect badly on me!
    For centrefire users I would definitely get a good second hand quality make to a cheap brand new one that will not cut the mustard which applies to all optics I guess?
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