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Thread: On a jolly to Croatia

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    On a jolly to Croatia

    Hi all,
    I have just accepted a 2 day driven boar deal to Merolino/ Strizivojna in Croatia (we are starting the drive from near Nurnberg, Germany there is an airport there, on Wed evening 4th Dec in my Hyundai Terracan it is 850km one way) the hunt is on Fri & Sat & returning on Sun 8th to Germany.
    We had a couple of our lads drop out, so it is available for two guys at the same price as we are paying = 150 euros per day which includes up to 5 boar rooms are 50 low level & 75 euros high level in forsthaus including food & drink.
    200 euros non refundable deposit must be paid this week up front and need an EFP ammo is no problem as my pal is a gun dealer so we can supply it this end (no need to carry on a plane) but no time wasters please.
    Anyone fancy joining us? should be a good craic

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    Just a quick rundown of my trip to Croatia. The drive was uneventfull no one at the Slovenien or Croatian border wanted to check our baggage. The first evening was the greeting and blowout with local foods, very tasty. The first hunting day was the handing out of our Croatian hunting licenses followed by the safety and quarry lecture (all boars except pregnant sows, gold jackal, fox, pine marten). Then onto the tractor trailer to the first drive which took 40 minutes as the hunt area is 6500 hectares. The first two drives brought 3 keiler down among 14 hunters consisting of myself plus two German and eleven Austrians. The midday break was at the hunting lodge where we grilled sausages and boar steaks over an enormous open fire, all washed down by white and red wine, no beer though. One of the Austrians mistook a half empty 7 litre bottle for red wine and served himself and quaffed half a glass before he reacted as it was actually red diesel used to start the fire (all 3 bottles were the same, no health and safety risk assessment here). Then onto the third drive in falling snow but no bag was taken. On the second day three more drives were done but no bag, on the first drive a gold jackal shot out of the bushes only 10 metres from me across my ride only 4 metres wide but any sideways shooting would have risked another hunter only 100 metres away so no shot was taken, it resembles an America coyote in size and behaviour. Then I finally got one chance at a side on 60kg keiler 30 metres away but I missed by shooting behind it = not a fast enough swing (so its back to the shooting cinema for me). The owner of the hunt (a Croatian army brigadier in the 1993 war) offered to do two more drives on an extra day for no extra cost as he was disappointed about the success rate but we two had to leave, I am still waiting on the results of that. It was a very flat countryside with mainly thick coppice woods. All in all not an expensive hunt but not too full of game either.

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