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Thread: bullet selection for dangerous game

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    bullet selection for dangerous game

    strange request these days i know but i have a friend who works in an establishment where there are big cats tigers/cougars there is an 'estate' rifle a 300 win mag as well as a 12 bore pump kept on the premises in case of an escape we were talking about it earlier what bullet would serve this highly unlikely situation
    a barony original

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    Option B, loaded with alternate buck shot and slug!
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    Shotgun for your friend - and hire a one-legged assistant

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    woodleigh pp or rem sabo slug

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    For the shotgun I would use a slug at the start and end with heavy buckshot in between SSG or SG.

    For the .300 Win Mag any premium expanding bullet should work as long as it's not constructed too heavily. As Barry mentioned earlier the Nosler Partition 180 or 200 grain would work well. You could also look at Federal TBBC, Swift A-Frame, Norma Oryx, Lapua Mega. The main thing when dealing with Cats is to make sure you dump a good deal of energy and break the shoulders IMO if you miss the vitals by even a little you're going to have a very bad day.


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    On such dangerous game forget about buckshot, even 00 can be ineffective on big cats, chest muscular density for a lion is much more higher than for a boar or buffalo. If you shoot this one it must be a kill shoot, use Sauvestre slug they are the best ones for shotgun they gave adequate penetration and enougth kick to stop a charging beast. As Snagman said you will have a very bad day if you don't kill it very fast.
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    I've never shot big cats but i'd go with a 208 amax in the 300wm and slug in the shotty but the last two would be oo buck , I reckon by the time I've emptied the slug at the cat then it will be close enough for 00 buck to the cats face to be quite decisive ?
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    As mentioned the bigs cats chest is more heavily built than many think. This is what cost the Lordling his life when he shot one with the new wonder 280 Ross and the lighter construction bullet. The bullet made a very nasty and possibly fatal eventually wound tot eh Lions chest but did not reach the vitals and the Lion hauled up down mauled him than chewed on his head.

    Will have to see if I can find the report as it was along time ago that I read it now which is why I cannot recall the name . The too lightly constructed bullet hitting at a velocity of around 3000 fps fragmented leaving a large shallow wound that just made the Lion MAD at the time.

    Hence I would chose a bullet designed for such game and not trust what was designed for paper punching. As mentioned Alaska, Partition, H Mantle or something along those lines.

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    You forgot to add dispo underwear, cause not what you would want to do more than once in your life.


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