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    I have for sale a chrome lamp for fitting to the roof of your vehicle,i have just taken it off my Daihatsu 4trak and as my new car doesnt have a metal sunroof ive decided to sell it.
    Its the same sort as used by the forrestry comm. and gives a near 360 degree action....good tight beam and has accounted for many fox and rabbit over the past year or so.
    I had it so that the main shaft from inside the vehicle could pull down or push up which was handy for going through woods (branches)and for going under the crossbar at the local rubbish tip!
    All in all a good bit of kit for vermin control and i am open to offers or would exchange for a go light type lamp.
    Pics available if needed.


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    could i have a few pic's . doe's it need to be fitted out of sun roof i have a fourtrak no sunroof ? noel

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    It can be fitted anywhere on roof,i just put it through sunroof so that i didnt have to drill the roof...simply replaced sunroof when i sold it and kept the lamp.
    pm me you email addy and i will get some pics off to you mate.



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    I did PM you my email addy, still waiting for pics.

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    ON WAY

    Sorry Boz!.....Pics should be en route to you as we speak.



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    Did you send me the pics as well?

    Still not got them.


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    David 1976 can you send me your addy again.
    I thought i had sent them off but i am a bit of a "techno-cabbage"!!
    Will try again.

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