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Thread: Bury Stalkers evening

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    Bury Stalkers evening

    As above who is going ,wouldn't mind meeting a few who I only know by screen name.
    Looking forward to it should be a good evening.
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    Hi sorry for the wait il be going I did last year v good may see you there bazil

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    I'm going, any body got the postcode or e-mail from the branch? Can't find mine!

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    Just spoke to the eastern branch, the postcode is IP30 0TH, 7 for 7.30 also open to non BASC members.

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    So this is presumably S. Edmundsbury rather than proper Bury?

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    I went, it was a good evening. Well done to the speakers, Peter Green and Paul Ventress and also well done to the organisors. Glyn.

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    There were a fair few faces I recognise. Good evening! Well done all involved.

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    Interesting evening, I especially enjoyed the first speaker! Food for thought.

    Thanks to all involved.

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    +1 on the vet speaker the was good but 2 blokes near me where both asleep but a v good night bazil

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