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Thread: First Roe

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    First Roe

    Well after going stalking a few times with a mate who lives in the Scottish Borders, I applied for my FAC earlier this year and finally collected a second hand 25 06 from forum member TonyC a couple of weeks back.

    I travelled down to the Borders at the weekend and my mate and I firstly flew our goshawks and I caught a cock and hen pheasant. We then put the birds away and picked up the rifle and jumped on the quad. We drove to a real hotspot for Roe and spotted 3 does in the distance. We drove to a young copse to work our way through to get a shot but unfortunately they had moved by the time we got into position.

    I scanned around and spotted a doe feeding with her back to me so got into position and waited calmly until she turned side-on. She was around 230 yards away so it was a challenge for my first ever shot at a deer. After about 10 minutes she finally obliged and I squeezed the trigger, and was very happy to see that the shot was spot on and she dropped on the spot.

    I gralloched her, again a first, and loaded her on to the quad. I butchered her when I got home and we had some of the saddle and the fillets yesterday for tea, fried in butter, then finished of in a port and cranberry jelly concoction.

    Very pleased how the stalk went and that the shot was on target. Thanks to my mate and to TonyC for selling me the rifle and travelling part of the way from Yorkshire to meet me.


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    Congratulations your first deer is always special.


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    Thanks guys, looking forward to my next outing!!

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