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Thread: muzzle break

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    muzzle break

    Wanted m 14 threaded.muzzle brake.

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    Talk to Jager SA on here he did one for me bloody good job.
    ATB Multiman

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    Third eye tactical do them I believe

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    I am not using this one at the moment...

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    wrong thread.or id have tried it.

    Lol could whollop the foxys wi that.

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    Hey Bewsher, where did you get this brake from? looks awesome! wouldn't mind one for my 308 if they're available to purchase?



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    If you didn't get sorted I can do a new 'in the white' one for you that has a boss bored ready to thread of 12mm.
    Muzzle is bored .25 and can be bored out up to use for a 300Mag without problem. A 300 mag will show approx. 40% recoil reduction. Noise to shooter is directed forwards by means of a shield so making it the quietest of brakes for the user. PM me for pics

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