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Thread: not stalking just some info

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    not stalking just some info

    Hi all, does anyone have, or know of someone that has, radio control helicopters or knows a lot about them.
    Reason for my question is I had two given to me that are in need of repair I would also be interested in selling them as I have not got the first clue about them nor how to fly them.these are not your little tiny things they are big And I would imagine very dangerous to fly without the correct tuition. any help would be much appreciated. thanks folks.

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    I know enough about them to tell you it could be very expensive to repair and TRY to fly them, then repair them again and again!!!!
    They are very difficult to fly and if they are the larger 450 size upwards, are also dangerous in the wrong hands.
    You would also need the correct insurance and an approved flying site.
    Another cheap hobby NOT.

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    I have a good mate who's into these big time, he started with RC airplanes and progressed to helicopters which he says are harder to fly
    If you PM me your number I'll ask him to give you a ring.
    List all the questions you have I'm sure there's nothing he doesn't know on the subject

    I need a disclaimer though incase he bores you to death!
    He is a fanatic.

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    I hope they are not Super Pumas?

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    Thanks lads. I did think along the lines of expensive as a hobby and hard to fly.going to send so photoes to mark.see if they can be fixed up or sold

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    I am not really a hobbyist - but I use R/C in the classroom for teaching Aerospace Science (we build wings, and then must fly them in a pass/fail situation).

    Anyhow - with R/C you have two components that are actually expensive. The radio/transmitter, and this is valued based on how many channels it has. A 3 or 4 channel is pretty simple and cheap, a 7 channel is not cheap. Good ones will also have interchangeable chips so that they can transmit on different frequencies.

    The second expensive component is the engine. High end internal combustion engines are worth a fair bit, even if the craft has been crashed. Then you have electric motors which are worth less.

    The frame is probably worth the least, especially after it has some wear and tear or even damage.

    So - might be worth finding an R/C forum and parting out your newly gained toys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    I hope they are not Super Pumas?
    Or even WOKKA WOKKA'S?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    photoes of helicopters

    Attachment 34579Attachment 34580These are the two helicopters that I have put the post info about they don't have any hand controles with them

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    Can't quite tell from the pics - but they do appear to be electric. Probably have a battery up under the "cockpit". Therefore they likely not worth much. Might find a science instructor that covers physics, and give them to a school and let the young ones learn, and if they get destroyed then nothing lost.

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    Did Chris knock them together outta that old 222 he stole off me

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