No, its not a Thai wife, i am having a new kitchen fitted so the old dishwasher is for sale.

I say old but it is only about a year old.

I bought this one because it fits inside a 600mm cupboard so no need to redesign the kitchen or make too many modifications to fit it other than perhaps shorten the height of the door.

The manufacturers blurb is

The Sandstrom SIDTTX11 Compact Built-in Dishwasher delivers excellent cleaning power in a classic stainless steel design. With a six place setting capacity, the SIDTTX11 focuses on the essentials so you get the best results for your money. Six programs at five different temperatures let you tailor the wash to your exact load, and a quick wash function will have everything sparkling clean in only 30 minutes! The Sandstrom SIDTTX11 Compact Built-in Dishwasher is “AA” rated for energy consumption and washing efficiency, making it powerful enough to cut through the greasiest mess and economical to run.

Excellent condition and was cleaned with dishwasher cleaner every month.

£45 collected from near Solihull.