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    hi guys. Just a quick one. Does anyone have a remington 700 in 270? if so what ammo do you find groups the best? Does anyone use norma 130gr 270? any info would be great. Cheers. Mo

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    Hi Mo
    I purchased 100 rounds of Norma 130 grain off a mate for my BSA 270 and it wouldn't group less than 4inches at 100 yrds until I pulled the bullets and re-set them 4,5 mm longer they now shoot 1inch groups nothing wrong with the ammo the rifle just didn't like it

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    Try Remington Core Lokt Pointed Soft Point 130gn ammunition - it's the only really accurate factory ammo I've found for my .270 and two others I load for. The cheap PPu stuff was appalling but the expensive Norma and RWS stuff wasn't a lot better!

    In general, the .270 seems to prefer much longer rounds than the standard factory length, hence the difficulty in finding accurate ready rolled loads - my home loads with both BTs and SPs are way longer than standard, with the bullet just seated to calibre depth (i.e. 0.277")


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    I've got on well with Federal Classic 130gr. Also used to use a bullet puller on Norma 130gr to knock out the bullet a bit and break the tight crimp. Then seat the bullet back to be a bit further out than it was before.
    That used to get the 3" Norma groups down to just over 1". I got on ok with PPU 150gr, but they were a bit dirty to fire and sometimes they were tight to chamber.
    Just my observations over a few .270s I've had. Love .270Win; it's so easy to get accurate handloads.

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    Have you ever noticed that asking what ammunition shoots best is much like asking what is the best flavor of ice cream? Everybody has different tastes... as do different Remington 700's. My son and I have a pair of identical rifles that have consecutive serial numbers and they will not shoot the same ammunition accurately. You just can't tell until you try. JMHO~Muir

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    20 years of Norma 130gr 270 on red.
    tried winchester, federal and some germ an ones the name of which escapes me.
    less carcase damage and better results on neck and chest shots.
    130gr will happily knock down a 20st stag as it will a 12 stone hind.
    Never had a problem with innacuracy out of the box. 1"@100yds.

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    Same accuracy with the 150gr Norma factory soft-points but I usually re-load with the 130gr SPBT Speer or 140gr Hornady Spirepoint.

    Below the test group which came with my Carl Gustaf .270 , Norma factory 150gr Soft-points .

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