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Thread: howa mag conversion

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    howa mag conversion

    has anyone ever bought one and how did they get on with it thinking of one for my vanguard ?

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    ive got the highland outdoors one for the howa, find it much better than the drop plate!

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    Echo the above, so much easier in the field.

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    how much did you pay for them and mag ?

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    I couldn't tell you, it came with the rifle as a kit

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    Get in touch with Steve. Prompt, efficient service. He gets 11/10 from me

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    I got one with my combo , never put it in.... I like the floor plate
    as it is .
    its simple, nothing sticking out, to loose or drop .

    might try fitting it if its easier in the field as is claimed

    Ive seen them for about £80

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    Only slight drawback with mine (in .308) is the magazine, it won't accept anything over exactly 2.8".
    There's room for all Gods creatures ........... right next to the mash and gravy

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    I fitted a mag system that takes AICS mags to my sons 243 Howa. Feeds smoother and more reliable than the drop plate setup.

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