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Thread: Running food business from home

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    Running food business from home

    Hi All,
    Just wondering if anyone does the above?
    If so have you come across any hurdles with the local council, i have been in touch with the EHO, no problems there, but i am just a little concerned that the council might object (e-mailed them but waiting a response, they are taking their time), even though it will be very, very small scale selling on the venison.
    Just thinking along the lines of business rates killing my idea before it gets off the ground.

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    Hi Richard
    Just done it,
    The EHO that came to interview and inspect me was very particular but thatís there job,
    The interview was like taking my level two all over again, well the theory side, and donít under estimate what knowledge they have, I got a 2 hour grilling on the inspecting the deer and food preparation procedures (from the field to the pan).
    Them the structural inspection, which went well I had to make some small improvements, followed by a further inspection which was passed.
    The total time took less than 2 weeks.
    Regards business rates if your small and keeping the number of carcases below a certain level then you donít have to pay anymore.
    Good look and if you want me to give more detail then PM me your number and I will have a chat.


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    Thanks Smithy,
    The EHO is a very helpful guy and as you say know's his stuff.
    However I have come across a problem, i looked at my deeds last night and there is a covenant which states the property is only for private use and not business.
    Now from what i have since learnt this is only inserted by the developer when the original planning application and drafting of the deeds is done.
    It would be possible to apply to the developer to get this removed but would probably involve too much cost, so as it would be a civil matter (and many people ignore it these days) i think i will procede as it is on such a small scale the neighbours wouldn't even be aware of what i am doing, no inconvenience to them regarding traffic,visitors odours etc.
    Unless others know different!

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    Update, no business rates apply as no change to fabric of building i.e no part was going to be changed or used solely for butchering the deer.
    As for the covenant, i am going to ignore, it will be so small scale i doubt my neighbours will even be aware, it wont be any different to what i carry out at the moment.

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    Good news Richard,
    Not sure if EHO told you, keep reasonable records for tracability etc,


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    Dear DDS
    Firstly, this is indeed a civil matter & you would need to apply to the person who the restriction is in favour to get it lifted. I suspect that the developer put such a restriction on to the deeds to comply with the original planning permission when he was building out the units. If you talk to your local planning authority & pop down to their office, they can provide you with a copy of the planning permission.

    However, when looking at covenants on title deeds, user clauses on leases or indeed planning permissions if there is a restriction on use, this relates to the main use of the property & not what are known as ancillary uses unless it expressly excludes such use & it has to be very explicit on this.

    For example, houses have a residential use in planning law & often, like you, on the deeds. That doesnít mean that you canít run a business from your study, even though the use taking place in your study constitutes office use. This is because the office use in your study is ancillary to the main use of the building which is residential.

    But, to return to the real world - the chances of some now possibly bankrupt property developer coming after you are zip. However, if you really want peace of mind, get a solicitor to review you deeds & have a meeting to discuss your queries. The cost of getting that done should be no more than £200. If you donít ask the solicitor to provide written advice, it saves you money!

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    Thanks for the replies.
    Yes the EHO did mention traceability.
    The builder is still in business although i can't see it being a problem,thanks for the info free market and your opinion which is correct.

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