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Thread: Shooting frame for pickup

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    Shooting frame for pickup

    Fully welded steel lamping frame. Sits on back of pick up buck tie down rings to ratchet strap to pickup. Back rest opens for easy access. Wooden bench seat and wooden bench top to shoot from.
    I originally made this to fit Nissan D22 pickup, then modified it wit a spacer to fit slightly wider body of a D40
    Width 4'9 1/2 "
    Depth 3"
    Height 2'8"
    Width between bottom angles currently 4'11" (1495mm) easily cuts down to 4'6" (1385 mm)
    Needs a lick of paint.
    95 collection only near Bury St Edmunds
    Attachment 34581Attachment 34582Attachment 34583Attachment 34584

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    Somebody must want a Christmas project - come and make me an offer

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    Let me measure the pick up bed and get back to you

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