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Thread: Vanguard S2 vs Howa 1500

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    Vanguard S2 vs Howa 1500

    Good evening folks, I know this question has been asked before and I have had a trawl through some of the previous posts but I haven't quite found the answers I am after, so maybe you can help me.

    I know the Howa and Vanguard have the same/similar actions except the vanguard has a slightly better trigger and bolt. However, I am more curious about the stock I know most say the Howa has a very solid reliable stock (Hogue). What are the general views on the Vanguard stock? Is it as good/better/worse. If you had the option which would you choose? I have been quite more less the same price for both.

    thanks in advance


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    ive got a vanguard mk1 and the stock is very good. from what I read on some threads better than the hogue on howas but I am putting a thumbhole on it now just because I like them

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    I've had a Howa in a Hogue and there is nothing wrong with them although the forend on the Hogue could perhaps be made a little more attractive. However, if I were in your shoes I'd now go with a Howa with the Bell & Carlson option albeit at a bit of an uplift in price.

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    Just curious, but what kind of price are we talking about? Over here the old model Vanguard is roughly the same price (or maybe a bit cheaper) than a basic Howa 1500, but the S2 is about 200 more.

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    Great guys, thanks for your replies. Looking at the S2 sub MOA quote 525 howa 500. The 2 features pushing me towards the S2 are the fluted bolt and slightly better trigger for 25 extra. Also, I would have to agree the forfend on Howa could do with a little rounding off, but I guess looks aren't everything if it fires well. I was set on the Howa for weeks and then started to read about the S2 and I think it might just steal it.

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    Also does anyone know if the vanguard is screw cut on the blued sporter version? I seem to be finding different answers. thanks

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    sportsman gun centre have the blued sporter as a combo deal' so it is screw cut. I have a S.2 stainless and found the stock felt a fair bit stiffer on the forend and nicer to handle.

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    Aye, yes i seen that. Think it looks like a decent buy. would you say you're well chuffed with it?

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