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Thread: How brave do you think you are?

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    How brave do you think you are?

    Was sent this you tube link, thought it was worth seeing.. not something i would entertain.

    BBC - Men stealing meat from lions.

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    Bet he couldn't put a rowntrees fruit pastel in his mouth without chewing.
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    I once took a woody off a sparrowhawk.

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    I took a dead chicken off a fox (ok I shot the fox so that I could catch it) does that still count

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    young masai men used to have to kill a lion to become a man and take a wife (not sure which is more dangerous!) but they've been asked to stop now because they were running out of lions for fat obtuse yanks to wobble up to and photograph !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Must have B***s the size of melons

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    Excellent! I hope I'm able to wipe my own ar$e at 65 let alone pinch food off lions!!!
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    There's a theory that this is more or less how we started out - not as hunters but as scavengers.

    Not that I'd want to have to do this...

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    If you've grown up with lions and have reached the age of 65, you know how to read their body language etc, it's not quite as stupid as it looks. Lions really don't want to risk injury, and once they have fed hyenas, jackals, vultures and man can push them off a kill. But having been very close to lions a couple of times when they have made a kill, you do realise that we are at same level as a McDonalds in the great scheme of things.

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