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    Hsf clothing

    Would like to know if any forum members have had any experience of HSF clothing.
    I bought a camo jacket which was certainly a decent price at 55, it is warm and relatively waterproof but what it is NOT is breathable in spite of being advertised as such.
    I have had a lot of different jackets over the last x number of years and have never had one as bad as this. You finish up soaking inside right through other layers to your skin.
    Has anyone else had a similar experience with HSF clothing and also what alternatives would you recommend?

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    I bought an HSF jacket about 4 years ago as i was game shooting on a budget. It was comfortable and warm but you are right it certainly made me sweat quite a bit.
    ​Mines a bit ripped now so i just wear it for beating but for the 40 i paid for it i have had my moneys worth and its still going.

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    Waterproof coating breathability is a relative thing, and a lot depends on your activity (the biggest factor) the condition of the clothing, the layers you put on underneath it etc.

    • In terms of the HSF stuff, it's likely to be a sprayed on polyurethane waterproof coating like 98% of all waterproofs (if it's not Goretex, it's usually always PU) so it won't breathe as well as the Gore fabric, there's not much you can do about that, but it's not usually a problem.
    • If it's dirty and the rain isn't running off (beading) the outside, then that water creates a thin vapour proof barrier to prevent any moisture getting out through the coating.
    • If you're wearing anything cotton under the jacket, then expect to get wet. You need to wear modern synthetic fabric or wools (merino etc) next to the skin to help transport the sweat away from the skin where it doesn't turn to vapour very easily. If you wear a thin synthetic baselayer, another wool/synthetic midlayer and the jacket on top, then this gives the liquid sweat more time, heat and surface area to convert into vapour which can escape through the fabric coating.
    • Activity and ventilation are the two biggest issues - if you're charging uphill, or dragging a deer or something with your jacket all zipped up then you'll soon be producing too much sweat for the fabric to contend with. If you can open up some zips/cuffs/pockets and let the breeze in while you're working hard, you'll be drier. It's the reason that some people don't bother with waterproofs in some sports (like cycling, running etc.) because even with the best Gore-Tex you just can't shift enough moisture through the fabric.

    If you want something that is extremely breathable and quite waterproof then look at Paramo clothing and Buffalo - they're both quite warm, very water repellant and not having a waterproof layer, they breathe extremely well.

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    When I started out all my gear was HSF as it was good value for money providing I wasn't running up and down hills. As said above correct base layers will help massively, I use sub zero base layers with a t-shirt and a body warmer and when its been down to 5 degrees Ive been comfortably warm and when exerting myself only slightly toastie.

    But if its chucking it down and your going to be straining yourself forget it just put up with getting soaked and take spare clothes as no jacket on earth will keep you dry as there will be way too much moisture around for them to cope with.

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    I bought some HSF trousers on a budget a few years ago. I ripped them and to my surprise found they had a layer of plastic sandwiched between the outer layer and the inner cotton layer. No wonder I used to sweat like mad when walking in them. Now I have a pair of swede team trousers which I rate and although not waterproof they suit my type of shooting.

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    Plastic - yes, that'll be the Polyurethane waterproof breathable membrane.
    As I say: if you want waterproof, you will always have less breathability than something that is just 'water resistant/repellant'.

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