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Thread: Viht N130

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    Viht N130

    Anyone got any experience of the above powder and using it for .222? Struggling too find my normal benchmark and i think a change is in order so i have choices for future shortages.

    Or n133? Or 135? Or any other make of powder.

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    I used N133 for several years in both .222 and .223 with excellent results.

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    I really rate N130 in the 222. Used it for years, in several rifles, with 40, 50, 52 and 55 grain bullets.
    I have never found a load which gave less than MOA accuracy. Most are considerably better than that. 130 is a clean burning powder which gives good velocities and accuracy for me. Give it a go.

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    I use N133 although I initially only took it as the RFD didnt have any N130 that I had asked for
    on reflection I am glad as I run the heaviest possible bullets in the .222 and N133 seems to give better velocities at the upper end of the bullet weight range

    I use:
    50gr VMax - 22.4gr N133
    52gr Amax - 22.6gr N133
    60gr SP - 20.8gr N133

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