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Thread: Wild pigs in NW Florida

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    Wild pigs in NW Florida

    Took my buddy to the woods this past weekend on his first ever bow-hunt..... he didn't get a shot on any deer but he did get a little pig....


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    Excellent! Hopefully another one hooked. Have you taken your 7x57 out yet noworyz?

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    That will do just right over the bar b q..good shot, well done.

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    Hello Scrumbag.....Yes sir, he is hooked already.... he wants to get back this weekend but I have a Sambar deer hunt to prep for..... I have been working on the Viscount and have updated the shoots like a dream but working on the scope ring problems... should be back on the range this weekend............ thanks Rick, it's a perfect eating size, a little over 50lbs....

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