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Thread: BSA Majestic Checkering

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    BSA Majestic Checkering

    I'm awaiting the arrival of a, new to me, BSA Majestic Featherweight Deluxe (30-06), and I anticipate doing a full stock clean-up & refinish, including perhaps chasing the checkering. Seems to me I read somewhere (but of course can't find it now) that the checkering should be 22 lpi. Anyone able to confirm that?

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    Sorry but I don't know the LPI used I just chased it out if required with a triangular riflers file. A quick scan of Knibbs book did not give figure so without measuring one there is not much else that I can offer.

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    Thanks Brithunter. I'll probably manage as you did, and as I have done with a number of other refinishing projects. I just thought the BSA might give me a good excuse for acquiring a few checkering tools from Brownells.

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    Well I've got a 50 odd year old 30.06 Majestic 5 star. I'm not at home just now but can have a look. Great rifle.

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    Thanks goathunter. I look forward to hearing from you. Thought I might have the rifle in my hands by today, but Canada Post tracking info says it is still "in transit", so hopefully it will be delivered on Monday or Tuesday.

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    Welcome to SD Icedog, If you don't mind me asking, did you get your BSA from Tony at Tradex ? I'm just curious as he had one a while back.


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    Not from Tradex. It was from a seller named Ted on the CGN forum who is in St. Paul. AB. He told me his father had shot several deer with it ... just assuming it was in that part of the country, but that may not be correct. I did handle a Husqvarna 9.3x62 purchased from Tradex by a cousin of mine who resides in Alberta. I know that's unconnected and meaningless in the context of this thread, but it was a nice rifle, and a good example of why Tradex has a solid reputation.

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    I picked up my 9.3X57 from Tradex. It was actually better than advertised and shoots really well. I've picked up quite a few rifles off of CGN myself. There is a huge selection of firearms on the EE, to be honest I'm a bit of a CGN junkie lol


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