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    I've never been on a stalk where I have paid to shoot something,but will be soon.
    So what I would like some advise on is what is the form for tipping? I dont expect anyone to carry my rifle for me and expect to get involved with carcass recovery...if I get one whats the going rate roughly and who gets tipped.

    thoughts and experiences welcome


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    I'd ask the holder of the shooting if you are going out with his or her stalker...and about whether you will be "welcome" to assist in the gralloch.

    Again some places do and don't have "rules" about what the rifle (as in YOU not the weapon) does or doesn't do.

    If in doubt ask. There is no shame in just asking if the stalker direct if he or she accepts a "drink" and what is usual.

    You can't go too far wrong with about 25 to 50 IMHO.

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    Hi Oriansarms..

    Hope you dont mind me asking..

    Being one of the fortunate minority having never been on a stalk where youve had to pay for something..

    Why are you contemplating paying now??

    Its not a catch you out question The huge growth of our sport must be having an impact on those that have been fortunate in their stalking..
    Ground fees,costs etc surely means free stalking will not be something many people can enjoy and certainly something the next generation by enlarge wont be able to look forward to..

    I think you should tip him according to his ability of giving you an enjoyable and memorable stalk...

    Great time great tip


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    Hello PH 1

    simple answer to your question is I can shot Roe 6 days a week if I choose on private land of a family friend.
    I have over the last 20 years shot over knocking on for 300 head of roe
    and just fancy something a bit different on the open hill.

    Usually work alone or with friends or family so no tips involved...apart from.... "dont eat the green snow" !!


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    I was always told to avoid the yellow snow , must be a new eco friendly snow

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    The ideal ( not sure for whom, but true ) is that a tip should reflect the service given - and received!

    Not helpful, I know.

    If you have rubbish service, dont tip and never feel pressured into doing so. If challenged state why.

    As a stalker, it can be just as aggrivating. Many clients are a real pleasure to be out with. In those circumstances, the job is much, much easier. Yet its those guys that often tip generously.

    On the flip side. The awkward so-n-so's that you wish you could discretely bury in a peat bog make the job a thousand times harder and either dont tip or hand over a 5 Euro note like its the greatest gift!

    Sometimes things will go wrong - thats stalking. But if your guy has put in the effort and added to your day, pay what makes you feel right. IE if 20 leaves you feeling ' I did right', thats spot on, whereas 50 may leave you feeling robbed.

    Often its hard to put a figure on these things until the day - or rather the end of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by legaleagle69
    I was always told to avoid the yellow snow , must be a new eco friendly snow
    Green snow....Must have been the absinthe !!

    thanks for the pointers chaps


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