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Thread: Petrol Chainsaw

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    Petrol Chainsaw

    Due to luckily having gotten access to unlimited felled trees for firewood, I am in need of a petrol chainsaw and associated safety equipment to get it cut up and moved.

    If anyone has one in good working condition or trousers in a 30/32" waist 30" leg drop me a pm.

    Alternatively, if anyone knows of any new bargains out there in the shops let me know as well.

    Don't need anything fancy and with a baby en route, not too expensive either.



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    I've got a 50cc chainsaw you can have. It's a Stihl MS260. However it could do with a new bar & chain oh, and a good clean!! It's currently got a 16" bar but will cut a little faster with a 14" or 15" bar.

    Let me know if you're interested.

    Best wishes,


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    Get up to A&S at the Drum before he closes and splash out on a new Stihl. You`ll be grateful in the long run, trust me.
    The 186 with 14" bar is ideal.
    If you need rid of wood, let me know ! My whole house runs on logs.

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    Hi Screwfix direct have got Site chainsaw trousers for less than 60 that's a v good deal bazil

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    Speak to me, David. I have what you need, saw wise , bought for a felling job but my husky is more than I need now.

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    I've had lots of pm's about the chainsaw I offered to David. This post is just to let everyone know that David has claimed it.

    Now, can anyone help him with some PPE...

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    Brandon tool hire selling stihl ms170 for 125 plus the dreaded iv had one for two years hasn't missed a beat, cheap little saw. Good luck

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