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Thread: Tikka T3 Wooden Stock

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    Tikka T3 Wooden Stock

    This has come from my .243 T3 Hunter which I now have a synthetic stock for.
    It's well used, but in good nick. A few small dings and scratches and one small oil streak where oil must have run out of the back of the action during storage. You hardly notice it and someone with knowledge of stock finishing would I'm sure bring it back to virtually new. I am being fussy as this is a tidy used stock.
    As I said it's come off a .243 but I think it should fit any standard (not heavy barrel) T3 calibre (certainly the case with the synthetic ones).
    It also has a Tikka spacer between stock and recoil pad which can be removed if required. Recoil lug not included.

    Looking for 60 inc. postage via courier.
    ​Please pm me if interested.
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    Is there enough meat in the forend to allow it to be channeled out for a heavy barrel?
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    I really couldn't tell you I'm afraid limulus. I am definitely no gunsmith! Chainsaw and sledgehammer is about my limit, and that's debatable .
    They are a standard fit though I believe so I'm sure someone here will know.

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    Happy to consider sensible offers...

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    hi i might be interested, i have the same but in 308 if it can be adapted what do you want posted?
    K C Rimmington

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    Would let it go for 50, posted

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    I'll give it a try for 50 please
    Below is a link to my website.
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