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Thread: Remington LTR .223 , 1 in 9" , 20" barrel.

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    Remington LTR .223 , 1 in 9" , 20" barrel.

    Remington .223 LTR for sale, it has a 20" 1 in 9" twist barrel so it will stabilise the heavier bullets as well as shooting the lighter weight bullets also.

    It has fired just under 300 rounds and is very accurate with anything I've tried in it.

    It comes with the HS Precision stock with aluminium bedding block, for the haters of the original PSS stock it does NOT have the huge palm swell, for the LTR model they dropped that and shortened the forend slightly and reduced the width also as it is the "Light Tactical Rifle". They also fitted a 20" barrel instead of 26" for portability with three wide flat barrel flutes to reduce weight further and increase surface area to help cooling. Comes with three sling studs fitted.

    It is threaded 5/8ths for sound moderator. Has a Third Eye Tactical Picatinny rail fitted.

    ( Scope and Atlas bipod not included in sale!!)


    Link here: Remington Law Enforcement - Rifles - Model 700P Light Tactical Rifle

    Also available is a full stainless steel "One less Charlie" sound moderator to suit the above rifle which will last a lifetime and is very efficient and quiet and is little bigger than a SAK rimfire moderator. 130

    RFD Transfer can easily be arranged to send the rifle to any gunshop in the UK.

    Thank you.
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    Bump for a price drop.

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    Provisionally sold pending collection. Thank you.

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