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Thread: Remington clone action wanted in left hand bolt

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    Remington clone action wanted in left hand bolt

    Hi all, as the title says, I'm after a remmy clone action to build a 308 In left hand
    Offers and ideas welcome, but must be of the remington action foot print since thats what I have the rest of the bits for.

    Thanks in advance

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    Try York guns, they did hav a 22-250 of mine in a hs stock!

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    What is your Budget? Devon Custom Rifles make a Rem Clone Action and Callum usually has a couple of Left Hand Borden Alpines on his Shelf.


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    Thanks for the help guys, I will follow up the info.

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    Speak to dave Wylde at Valkyrie rifles. His action is based on a remmy. Top quality as well.


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