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Thread: new boots.

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    new boots.

    well ive been out in some bad weather latley and my boots have about had it. its time for some new one's was just wondering wich ones you's reccomend?

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    Chest waders, and a life jacket !!!!!

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    Muckboots, I bought a pair from Bushwear and to be honest they are the first thing I reach for. Comfortable to drive the disco. feet dry and warm even in a frosty highseat, great forwalking as well. Have other boots over twice the price but only use them when the weather is too hot for the Muckboots.

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    + 1 for Muckboots. Only drawback I have found (and it may just be the model I have) is the lack of traction in really slippery conditions.

    Apart from that I have found them 1st class for the money. Having said that I'll be trying the Grubbs Stalkers
    with the Vibram sole next time.

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    My wife bought me Lowa Hunter GTX last Christmas, the took about 4 steps to break in, I have extremely wet patches on my ground to stalk in and my feet havn't been damp yet, they don't sweat either. they offer good support also. I got them 180 but they will last many years I hope.

    Look here at previous posts-


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    New boots

    I have some boots made by Alt-berg a local maker which are very good and it is possable to get them reconditioned if thay are kept in reasonable conditon

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    I am curently using the blackislander boots in high leg and all I can say is there the dogs ********. I know a few preople that have got them and not herd a bad word about them.

    Heres a link

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    I have wide feet and have trouble getting decent fitting boots

    However got a pair of Meindl boots on offer!! from Midland Game Fair for 180 never ever spent that sort of money on boots before but oh boy they are good if sex were boots these is dem

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    i have the Meindl high leg jobs , and will soon be retiring them after 3 long hard years , and there worth every penny and will be investing in another pair in short order !!

    cheers lee

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    meindl boots are by far are the best you will put on your feet ,a bit like BF Goodridge ATs in jeep tyers.

    i have been using the Himalays for years ,i bought a pair of vakuum a few weeks ago for a change . not as ridgit but lovely and snug boots .

    i have a irish contact for meindl boots well worth the money .PM if interested.

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