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Thread: Lisenfeld scope

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    Lisenfeld scope

    I have a Lisenfeld scope 8x56 26mm tube for sale on ebay at the mo. If anybody is interested the number is 300369992861.

    Thanks for looking


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    Hi Owain, I'd be very surpised if your listing gets to run to the end - EBay will pull it as you have stated no Payscam - against their rip-off trading conditions apparently (I know beacuse it happened to me).
    Good luck anyway.

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    I`ll second what Hairybiker says with the no paypal statement. I had some motocross gear for sale on and they pulled it after 5 days of 7 when i added no paypal. I had a right do with them on the phone. They also made out that they don`t like people to use cheques.

    What made it more annoying was that i had loads watching and plenty asking questions.

    Good luck mate.


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    Thanks for the advice lads. If it does get pulled I will put it on the forums again.

    Cheers Owain.

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    Could not find your listing. Did find a new S&B 8x56 for 390 buy it now though if anyone is in the market for one, Jim

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    Looks like the thieving b'stards have pulled the listing, a search for that item number doesn't find anything. Much as I have sold plenty of kit through EBay that in times gone by I'd have probably had to give or throw away, it really pee's me off to have to accept a means of payment that they own and make even more money from

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    Yeah they removed it cos of the no paypal bit. Cant be bothered with them any more just blatent money grabbing, as if they dont get enough of the listing fees. Sold now anyway so all is good.

    Cheers Owain

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