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Thread: The road is longggg, with many a twist and turn, especialy at Lady Grey

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    The road is longggg, with many a twist and turn, especialy at Lady Grey

    Sung by the Hollies, now penned me, Guy Swart from "Wild Horizon" has just told me the road has BEEN built down the river, I was there last year when it was being considered as a strong proposition, and plans made for the construction. Myself and Clint the P.H. climbed down to the river to fish, a long climb down and a harder one to get back up, a journey of some considerable time and effort. The new road will make the African MacNab somewhat easier to do, BUT will also open up the hinterland in the river area to be hunted, an area that has not been hunted much due to the arduous climb in and out, but more importantly, carcase /trophy retrieval will be easier. Guy as usual has his finger on the pulse, giving his clients easier access to the river and associated hunting areas, there was talk of tented camping/fly camps for a day or two, knowing Guy, this will part of his plans to further increase the already superb hunting he has at Lady Grey, and his other concessions. I'm going back again next year for sure to hunt this additional area in an already fantastic location. deerwarden

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    What did you catch?

    I did fish a small river on the same property, I blanked but Guy had a small yellowfish. He did mention the fishing was considerably better where you mention!

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    Probably the same river MJ, we had to climb down to it around 30-40 mins, back was almost an hour with several stops, but did I fish there last year with no takes for me, but Clint the P.H. did have 2 good takes. If you look on Guys website you'll see a picture of me with my yellow fish, they really fight well. The river high and was running hard down the rapids at the bottom of the mountain, wading across WAS difficult to say the least, we hooked 4 that day and had several takes, but landed 2 as once they got into the current you were lucky to get them back out. How many animals did you take, I went to the States this year hunting coyote and other varmints, should have gone to Lady Grey farm at Blofontein, love it there and regret going elsewhere this year. deerwarden

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