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Thread: Sniper Cheek piece - Hunters of England

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    Sniper Cheek piece - Hunters of England

    I have 3 Hunter of England Sniper Cheek pieces for sale.

    They are all in good serviceable condition but each have some wear from use. From Top to bottom,

    1. Has some nicks in the fabric where the underside of the bolt has caught when reloading. It is not likely to get any worse as it is not a woven fabric.

    2. Has a mark where a rubber coating on a rifle sling rubbed off in the heat during the summer this year. SOLD

    3. Is a little older than the other two but has no nicks or marks. SOLD

    They are a sought after brand and they are hard to get hold of with most suppliers being out of stock at the moment.

    You can build the comb higher with shaped rollmat if needed - shown in the picture.

    You can find the full specs on the swillington website,


    Asking 20 each +postage
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