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Thread: Cull Buck Down with Muzzleloader

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    Cull Buck Down with Muzzleloader

    Took a cull buck today. It's a whitetail deer with poor antler growth. Good to get them out of the gene pool.
    Took him with my .50 caliber CVA Accura blackpowder muzzleloader. Rifle season opens next weekend!

    poor antlers but great eating!

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    Nice one

    Tha looks a cracking tool for the job as well.

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    Great! Blackpowder or smokeless?

    ​Eating is always the best part!

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    Nice one ! How many white-tails are you allowed per season ?


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    very nice, I have a soft spot for muzzle loaders. I dont think we are allowed to use them over here

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    Yes you can at least jim Shockey did to great effect on a munty and red stag ,guess you have to chrono the muzzle velocity .
    ​nice buck to take great pic

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    Hi there, would love to have a go with one of those rifles, does it use a pecusion cap? I believe some use an electronic ignition system now.
    Do you get to start the season earlier than other hunters as you are using a muzzle loader?

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    In the state of Tennessee muzzleloader season opens two weeks before rifle season. Muzzleloader usually coincides with peak chasing and breeding behavior. It's an excellent time to hunt.

    We are allowed 3 bucks per year where I hunt but 3 females per day! We have a very liberal doe harvest in my area to control population.

    My CVA is ignited by 209 primers. I shoot 100 grains of Blackhorn 209 which is an advanced blackpowder substitute. Muzzle velocity for a 250 grain bullet is about 1950 fps. Most shots are under 100 yards but I can reach o to 200 yards if needed.

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    Thats lovely venison....
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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