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Thread: Jahti Jakt

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    Jahti Jakt

    Arctic Outdoor are advertising a Jahtijakt Pro Membrane Suit for £189, Jacket and Trouser set, ther are also throwing in a bonus pack of Oxford Fleese Jacket, Safety vest, Reversable Cap, MicroDry Underware, hood and insect hood.

    This seems a good deal, has anybody got a set of this kit?


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    I bought one of the first sets they were doning when they started doing them in this country and I still have it, all be it a bit battered

    It has done several years beating, shooting in all weathers and the trousers keep you warm when out foxing at night!

    They are good value for money.

    Bandit Country also has both sets and he does a lot of beating. No faults there either.


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    Hi TJ,
    I have used it for about five years alternating it with Deerhunter kit.
    I use it mainly in the winter months and its not let any water in yet and kept me warm.
    Its stud up well so far and its far better than Deerhunter on all fronts,
    I see they now make a camo suit, not seen it but there are a number of keepers and stalkers using the pro suit you refer to, and they all seem very please not a bad word said yet.
    I did notice that the material seems slightly different to the old stuff I have.
    All in all very good kit, you can pay a lot more for a lot less!!!.


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    I bought the JJ Premium set and have not used half of it.
    When the package arrived it was like Christmas, the amount of extras is unbelievable.
    The Jacket and Trousers are worth the price alone, never mind the extras.
    I do believe it is more comfortable to wear than my Deerhunter jacket and is still waterproof after three years.

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    I've got the Jahti Premium suit and love it (including the free microfleece pyjamas that came with it). It's taken a serious caning since I got it, in torrential downpours and subzero temperatures and is still 100% waterproof. I also have the Jahti Premium leather boots and they are superb as well.


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    I got this same package delivered a couple of weeks ago. I am, unfortunately, one of those permanently cold people so standing round on a shooting range for hours in the rain and wind isn't usually my idea of fun. At my last shoot 2 weeks ago I wore the newly acquired Jahti Jakt suit (inc microfleece undergarments and fleece) and had to take the fleece off as I was too hot. Well impressed


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    I've had a set of Jahti Jakt gear for about a 2 years now; I wore the jacket a fortnight ago whilst game shooting in the Lake District, and it kept the weather out (rain, and lots of it, but certainly not on the scale of last week ). The jacket has plenty of pockets for odds and sods, and I think is pretty well designed; the rest of the stuff that came with it - and you feel like a magician the way stuff just keeps appearing out of the parcel - I rate too. The fleece is uber-cosy, the trousers are warm and quiet..... can't think of a downside really!

    Money well spent as far as I'm concerned.

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    I have a set also. I have had these for 2.5 years now and they are good. Mine started letting in water after about 18months but these were used frequently and in sometimes harsh conditions.

    Are they worth the money? Yes

    Like everything else in this part of the country, it will eventually leak.

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    don't get adam on about his microfleece pyjamas he would stalk in them if he could get away with it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gadget
    don't get adam on about his microfleece pyjamas he would stalk in them if he could get away with it.

    Does it excite you to know I'm wearing them at this very moment - thankfully they turned up in No.2 son's kitbag after the last trip north and hadn't been stolen by the kleptomaniac ex-milkie of Deeside!

    Jahti Jakt fleece PJs are tops - and even better, you can buy a spare pare for about £20!!! (and anyway, it's significantly better than going stalking wearing MUFC pants )


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