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    ivythorn Sporting

    Just a quick thanks to Steve at Ivythorn. At very short notice he made his range available to me today for clients. All day for a good price with food as well. Tour of the gun room, no sales pressure. The last time I dealt with him was in 1980s at Avalon Guns!
    Thanks again. Well recommended.

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    The last time I delt with him was18 months ago and I can assure you
    it will be the last.... and to be honest it's taken that amount of time for my
    ears to recover from the crap he filled them with .. that is when he actually
    took the time to come to the phone...

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    I traded a double rifle in and bought another from Steve, first time, never met him whatever, but found him a good person to deal with. Everything went ok, sent to local dealer for approval etc and very fair financially so I guess its speak as you find. I don't know the guy but have posted to show he does have some satisfied customers. Sorry you had a bad experience Cadex and I agree getting Steve on the phone was difficult at times but he always sorted out any issues in a timely manner.

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    I dealt with Steve a month or so ago, knows his stuff and nothing was too much trouble. Did the deal and was more than satisfied.

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    I dealt with Steve in March found him to be a sound bloke got a howa 308. From him was happily surprised at the extras that came
    Such as rigged gun case, mounts, picatinny rail.

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