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Thread: RTA humane dispatch course at calton moor range

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    RTA humane dispatch course at calton moor range

    Hi All, currently trying to arrange a RTA humane dispatch course, with mike at calton moor range very kindly offering to supply the venue for the north midlands area, if anyone has a genuine interest can they reply to either myself or mike via pm please so we can see what the count is likely to be before approaching the BDS, thanks Dean
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    hopefully find a bigger venue over the next couple of weeks to accomodate more people, anyone interested keep checking the BDS website for updates of venue and date to be confirmed

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    Id be interested. Send me a pm when it's all priced and a date arranged please.


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    Iam interested too

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    thats great, spoke to dave goffin end of last week, ive got interest from 15 already, just trying to find bigger venue up this end of the midlands, plus told him to try at doveridge, keep an eye on the BDS website as details will be put up as soon as its arranged, costs about 60 i think, you can download application form from BDS website and fill in and sent when course is set up, Regards to all who have replied an interest so far, Dean

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