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Thread: Selling price.

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    Selling price.

    Got a big vet and kenneling bill due soon and was wondering what i could realise from my binos??
    Swarovski 8.5X42
    Swarovski soft case
    Used a dozen times
    100% bodily and optically perfect
    No damage or lens marks
    Kennel costs mounting daily!!

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    Sorry to hear that red. What model are they?

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    Havent you any freinds that could help you out then mate,after all thats what freinds our for, i too know how hard it is to have a good freind, they are hard to come by

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    Ive had several enquiries as to whether they are for sale but cant seem to find a guide/fair price. Gregor has a basket case pair at 750 so what are mine worth to someone off here?

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    There is a mint pair on evilbay with 8 hours left currently at 976 , would cost you 10% to sell plus paypal fees

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    The pair on Ebay ended at 1,325 which is crazy as they can be bought for 1,700ish.

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    Or, about 75% of new price - which is usually a good place to start as an asking price.
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