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Thread: Wanted Stalking lease in Scotland and/or stalking work.

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    Wanted Stalking lease in Scotland and/or stalking work.

    Hi, I am an experienced kiwi hunter based in Inverness looking for Contract culling or Leased stalking. I have my DSC1 and 2 quadbike,manual handling and firearms certs+ liability insurance. I have been working as a stalker on Ralia Estate Newtonmore for the 09 stag and hinds season and have been invited back 2010. I am now currently looking for gamekeeping or culling work and/or a lease block to hunt on. Please could anyone help me or give me some advice on how to obtain a lease etc. Cheers

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    Only the 2nd post with no introduction and it`s want want want.

    I reckon you need to get to the back of the queue mate wanting culling work, and or ground to lease. Anyone with surplus ground to lease or knowing of anywhere going will i am sure offer it up to the more regular members on this site whom put something into it.

    Tell you what, put a quid on the lottery tonight, as you have more chance of winning that than finding something, and then you can buy your own block of forestry.

    Sorry to be blunt.

    Good luck.


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    Ok so your saying I have to write another 500 ******** blogs like yours before I get considered for a lease block. Seems fair better get my whinging cap on eh! Thanks for the really useful advice wadasnot.

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    Most other folk when they have been pulled for putting a WANT on site before even introducing themselves have accepted that they have dropped a clanger and apologised, but no, not you, you have to write obscenities as a reply.

    I have been a member of this site for over 2 years now and have never asked or expected anything from anyone, but i have been offered stalking by lots of members off this site, because my dear man, i have offered my services to others, and also posted more than 2 posts.

    I dare say you won`t listen and you have probably posted more wants on other forums within 1 or 2 posts, but good luck.

    You made me laugh, Level 1 and 2, Quadbike, manual handling, and firearms cert and liability insurance, as if you are claiming to have something new. These qualifications you are quoting are par for course nowadays.
    As for contract culling, i have done this kind of work for the FC as you will know being as though you have read everyone of my posts, and i know you have more chance of getting those 6 numbers that i told you to put on for tonight.


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    WHOOOOOOOOOO keep ypur heads down guys and girls wadashot,s back

    Thought you had given up, and here you are back again throwing lead around like "no one's business"

    Good to see you back on site with some positive input



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    Thanks Max.

    Not given up in the end, at least not for the forseable future at least, thanks to lots of the lads on here with their PMs talking me out of it. .


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    Glad to hear that, maybe our paths will cross one day


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    Hey Wadas, give the bloke a break; apparently he only wants to hunt Kiwis as he's already an experienced Kiwi hunter

    I hadn't realised those pesky Kiwis had crossed the Pacific and were making inroads into Scotland - unless an 'experienced hunter' deals with them immediately we'll be overrun before we know it, with their nasty spiky beaks and annoying inability to fly...

    Let the man hunt all the Kiwis he likes, I say - thus leaving all of the deer for the rest of us.


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    well said adam ,wadas chill out mate and take a nice cup of tea n a slice of cake ,are you saying there are still members on here who still havent got any of there own land to stalk on yet????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max
    Glad to hear that, maybe our paths will cross one day

    Max, You just never know mate, maybe we will meet up one day.

    Adam, i will give the guy a break and let him have all the kiwis he wants, pesky little thing, the kiwi i mean.

    Ayup Andy, you are right, there are loads of people with no ground of their own and that`s what annoyed me with his second post.

    The thing with this site is, if you spend enough time giving input and getting to know the members you don`t have to go long before the invites start to come in, as we well know.

    Now where did i put my cuppa and slice of cake.


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