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Thread: Bipods

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    I have read the general discussion regarding the benefits (or not) of using a bipod from past posts on this forum.

    Research also leads me to belive the best bipods around are Harris bipods, but in my opinion they are bloody expensive (or am i just a cheapskate?)

    My question there something similar on the market that will do just as good a job but for a fraction of the price?

    I appreciate that some cheaper versions may well be heavier but the only things i can really find are the cheap imports on ebay....VERY sceptical.

    Any comments or suggestions appreciated.



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    They are quite pricey but you only need one for all your rifles.

    Ive got the swivel and really rate it. A mate has the rocky (?) and it just isnt as well made and doesnt work as well.

    Its easy to say once you have one (i know because im looking for a good scope at the moment on a budget) but go for the Harris. You will never have to think about it and that is brilliant


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    I dont think Harris make there own any more, but.....i know the place that does pm me for details , 30% less !!

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    I have a cheapy 9-13" swivel rockmount or whatever they are called and since 2 years a harris.
    The rockmount just needs a bit of green loctite on the nuts that hold the legs, other wise not a bit of trouble with rough use.

    The harris... broke before the first shot went out. The weld just fell apart because I presume they had a batch of wrong aluminium.
    Harris replaced the bipod no problem.

    Generally Harris is the better made bipod, but the weld on Rockmount is way better. Welded from both sides vs Harris only one side.


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    Harris is the best, rockmount is a good copy of the harris design but avoid chinese copies because they're generally rubbish.

    US ebayers will send across for much less than the UK price tag. Worth checking

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    Harris all the way and second last post e-bay from the states is the way to go .
    Yes you are a cheapscate
    Notched /swivel is the way to go.

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    buy a harris

    make sure you get the swivel, will be the best investment you make. dont get one to short. CHEAP SKATE
    well worth the money, nothing cheap about rifles

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    i really dont think we should be ridiculing somone for not going out and buying the most exspensive item and to call them a cheap skate is really just a bit childish. we cant all afford to take our hand made custom built rifles out after we have dropped the kids off at there 50k a term private school and shoot gold medal bucks which we have paid through the nose for but it dosnt make us cheap skates and the same goes for which ever bipod we choose to buy.

    and in answer to your question daft dog i use a harris and its very good but a friend of mine uses a harris copy and he does fine with it so if you havnt got the extra cash i wouldnt worrie to much and for your info his came from the deben catalogue

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    I thi nk some of the e bay ones are not macho enough for stalking and centre fires so be careful there

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    How about just not using one? Prone, kneeing, and sitting positions can be quite stable if practiced. I have a couple of Harris bipods but leave them on a pair of 17HMR's I lend to new shooters who come to shoot prairiedogs. ~Muir

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